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Atlanta + Athens Wedding Photographer

I love my brides and your wedding day will probably be the biggest day of your life so far!  It is a beautiful, special day.  So here are a few tips to make your wedding day spectacular and a bit less stressful.

5 tips for your wedding day!

  1.  Flowers-  This is the first thing I ask my brides about.  We set up a plan for the wedding bouquets to be delivered.  The time and place is important.  Your photographer will need your bouquet before the wedding during the getting ready shots. Your grooms men will also need to have their boutineers pinned on their jackets for the groomsmen pictures.  It is so great to have a designated helper for this. Rarely, girls, can men accomplish this feat!!LOL  This is best left to someone who has done it before.  I will coordinate with your florist to have the flowers at the ceremony on time and the photography area all decorated in time for pictures.
  2. Have a designated spot for bags and clothing-  This keeps the bridal suite tidy!  This is so helpful for getting beautiful pictures.  The less distraction in the background the better.  I know how messy girls are when they are getting beautiful for their wedding day. So, a designated drop spot for all the bags and clutter is a great action plan to reduce the mess.
  3. Have ALL the rings–  The bride needs to have all the rings ready for the photographer before the ceremony.  These little details are photographed during the getting ready pictures.  This is one of the most often items forgotten about on the wedding day.
  4. Wear your shoes- Before the wedding day. This is a good idea to break them in and get comfortable walking in them.
  5. Breathe–  Take a moment to breathe and look around and soak it all in! This is your wedding day. The one you have been dreaming about.  It is moments away and make sure to look around and enjoy it!

5 tips for your wedding day atlanta + athens wedding photographerJulie Evans is an Atlanta and Athens Wedding Photographer located in Buford, Georgia.  She travels throughout the southeast photographing weddings.

She often photographs weddings in Marietta, Roswell, Duluth, North Georgia, Buford, and Gainesville.

Please contact me if you’re interested in booking your engagement or wedding with Julie Evans.

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