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This engagement ring is just so pretty!   I love rings and must have a great shot of the rings at every wedding!   This is one of my recent favorite wedding ring photographs.  How can you not love a good macro shot of a sparkly ring:)   I will never forget how it felt to wear my engagement ring just after my husband proposed to me!  I could hardly stop looking at my hand:)  It feels different if you haven’t worn a ring before and it is soooo sparkly and shiny.  Girls… do you know what I mean?   Then I would start daydreaming about how great our wedding was going to be and being married to him.  Then the stress would start over planning it all.  I am here to tell you not to get overwhelmed about your wedding day details. Yes, I know there is so much to be done for the wedding but,  slow down and try to enjoy it.  Stop in the moment and really think about what the wedding day is all about.  When you are on the  honeymoon reflecting on your wedding with the man of your dreams that is what it is all about!  Pintrest is great and inspiring but, remember that it is so easy to get lost in the vast amount of wedding photos on pintrest!  Remember that Pintrest has the BEST of the very best wedding images and it would be impossible for ALL those images to be from ONE wedding.  So take a small idea something you can implement into your own wedding and make that a reality.  Try to keep it specific to your vision.  This will help with getting overwhelmed with everything that is out there  for weddings.   And, think! In a short amount of time you will be walking down the aisle on YOUR wedding day!

engagement ring athens wedding photographer

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