Ski Trip! Snow! {Buford newborn photographer}

I just love this image I captured of my brother’s girlfriend, Robin.  She is very fashionable and a fantastic interior designer you should check her out at   This was taken in full sun (EEK!) but, with a little help from the white snow acting as my reflector I love the light in this image. 


This next image was so magical!  We went ice skating in downtown Denver, Colorado. The children loved it and I had to grab some photos.  I love my Mark ii  it is so gloriously noise free even at high iso’s.    And while we were skating big, huge, beautiful, fat snowflakes began to fall.  “What could be more perfect?”


Can you believe I actually added grain to this one!!??  After all my complaining about noise on the lower model canon’s I added film grain to this image.  IT just seemed to fit the mood.   And that is the wonderful thing about custom photography, each image is artistically hand edited to fit the feel and mood of the image— making it stand alone as a work of art.  It is a difference you will appreciate!  I can just see the freezing cold air  when I see my brother’s breathe in this image.






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